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Why do not you spend relaxing time?

You should like it.

Try the Japanese traditional time of "wabi sabi" with tea and yokan.

The yokan is a kind of sweet bean jam.


Kombu-Yokan, the Taste That Tenno Loves


There is a deep flavor in which sweet taste of red beans and nourishment of kelp are integrated.

Kelp that has been nurtured in clogging bitter cold of the Hokkaido.

It is the purveyor to the Japanese imperial household as the greatest of yokan.


Best Partner of Green Tea


The yokan is a traditional sweets of Japan.

It is healthy jelly made from red beans and agar.

The yokan has smooth texture and elegant sweetness.

Green tea and the yokan are the best items in Japanese tea time.

Green and black, bitter and sweet, their contrast and harmony bring "wabi sabi" to your mind.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Way of Tea


Japanese tea time is referred to as the "sado"(way of tea), it represents the Zen of mind.

"Sado" has been established by "Sen no Rikyu" in the Japanese Warring States period (16th century).

"Sen no Rikyu" was the first tea ceremony master who served the Japanese general "Hideyoshi Toyotomi".

The yokan, a kind of "wagashi", represent "omotenashi" in "sado".

Get Zen now, in the time of Japanese tea with green tea and the yokan.


Sweets Spirits Atelier


Kanseido is Japanese sweets shop with proud history in Aomori, Japan.

Kanseido has handed down the original taste since 1891.

We deliver the authentic kombu-yokan from Japan.



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